Pivot as a concept

On this occasion, I’m going to explain to you an option, one that everyone fears and still consider a failure within the business world. Pivot

Imagine for a moment that you are very excited about a project, a very thought-out project . For example, a realistic 2D video game with a specific type of painting and drawing, perfectly defined mechanics, with a magnificent script, and you also have a good group of people interested in the development. You even have some partners interested in your project. It looks good, right?

Now imagine that the cost of production to make the video game you love is 350,000 Euros for a 2-year development in an over-saturated Indie market and, even knowing that your product can be unique and special, it can be difficult to overcome entry barriers for the cost involved.

The solution is the one you don’t want to hear, the one that even though it’s said by your co-worker, your partner, that friend who gives you advice, you close your eyes to even valuing: Pivot.

pivot as a concept featured image

Let’s see the concept, pivot consists of making more or less deep changes in the business model of a company to continue growing. What does this mean? What if it costs you 350,000 euros to develop a video game in 2 years to go to market, perhaps you should consider making a smaller game that you like in less time, for much less cost, gain community, make yourself known and, with the money obtained, have everything ready to start the development of that video game that you have in your soul embedded.

Pivot consists of making more or less deep changes in the business model of a company to continue growing

This has been our case, we are going to be very transparent in our diary. Initially, we wanted to revive CimaGamers as an indie game developer, for which we had prepared a game about a very unexplored period of Seville (Andalusia – Spain) in a 2D style artistically similar to the artist Goya.
What happened? We had a team of 15 people working on the project, but after analyzing the costs, no matter how much the concept was appealing and the companies wanted to be get involved in the project as partners, the cost was 350,000 euros and it was not feasible for us to develop it because it is not our philosophy to pay people working on a project or even not pay them, and it never will be.

Just when we were about to cancel the project, we got an offer from one of our current partners at CimaGamers, Adriano Pérez, creative director of Sngular. Why don’t we develop a Virtual Reality videogame together? The market is vibrating in about to explode and it’s time to jump into the pool to get in the game when it all blows up. And so it was, after several meetings between us, we decided that we had to bet everything on our dream of reviving CimaGamers within the video game development industry, we pivoted into Virtual Reality and, although initially, we wanted to do something completely different. Now, our decisions, although they were very hard at first, it is the overall bet that makes these moments great, go all together and trust that this pivoting is always to leave one foot where you are to move the rest in search of the best alternative for the game. And the game is played by you, do what is in your hand to fulfill your goals, even if you have to pivot, your way through.

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