Dev Blog 1

Hi everyone, this is the very beginning of the dev blog. We are going to write every week a post like that where we show you what we have been doing during the week. The post will be divided into sections, each one will be focused on one part of the project like coding, music or design. These sections may be different in the following post. Our main objective with that is to be transparent with all of you and have something that remembers us of this incredible project in the following years. So, let’s begin. 


The core of our videogame is the ability to share your time with your friends. That’s why good multiplayer is critical. If you have a small team like us, make a good multiplayer could be very difficult. You have to deal with peer to peer connections, matchmaking pools, buffers, VoIP, etc. And, in VR, where everything happens so fast. The players should play the game at least 90 frames per seconds, it means that you have to send information throw network 90 times per second. It’s crazy. Hopefully, we have a good set of tools that oculus give to developers. We have been working in Multiplayer for around one month and we have the following tasks done:

  • The players can create private rooms and invite their friends.
  • Public room is playable with one of your friends.
  • A player can enter into the matchmaking pool by clicking the button.

We are currently implementing networking physics. Send the physics throw network is too heavy, that’s why we are ideating a new way to apply physics over the network using Unity Physics engine interpolation. When this is done, we will write an article showing how we did that. Stay tuned.


Last week, we released the first version of the environments. These environments define the style of our game and the sources of inspiration. In the following images, you can see how the world looks like. It going to be a set of islands, each island with a specific subject, and you will have to visit every island to complete the game. We are currently working and testing the world in VR and modifying and resizing some objects. Here are some in-game screenshots.


We need money, a lot. So, we have started to contact with possible investors. Meanwhile, we are preparing our Kickstarter analyzing the campaigns of other VR games and non-vr games and we realize that we need to show a lot of content of our videogame if we want to earn some money. We have to generate a bunch of gifts and a shocking intro video. This week we are going to generate more concepts and we will choose some of them for the campaign. But Kickstarter is not only the images and videos, but the rewards are also important. We would like people to play VR so we have to make it cheap and fun. And of course, our game is about sharing time with your friends and family so the majority of rewards will come with up to four copies of the IP to gift your friends.

That’s all for this week. We are going to have some fresh updates during the following week so, stay tuned with our social networks!