We're CimaGamers

Driven by our passion for video games and innovative technologies, CimaGamers was founded to create games that will invite players to discover new worlds, participate in unique experiences and feel wonderful sensations.

We're now building up our story

Despite the long road, this only the beginning.

  • Foundation of cimagamers

    CimaGamers was founded in 2013 as an online digital press platform that aims for transparency and an objective approach to the creation of video games.

  • Oficial press in videogames events

    We had the opportunity to provide our community with live news and interviews with influencers during the launch of the last console generation.

  • Partners & Colaborations

    CimaGamers had the great opportunity to work alongside various partners that positively bet for our company, such as MSI, BQ, Axel Springer or Nvidia. Besides that, our website has been recognised multiple times by the national magazine ComputerHOY as one of the top three recommended websites within Spain.

  • our team throw the time

    During the first five years of CimaGamers, the team had the chance of working together with great and unique people; each of them made us what we are today.

  • indies, the future of videogames

    In the most recent phase of CimaGamers, the team opted to work with indie developers who were looking to position themselves within the market. We certainly trust and believe in their knowledge and skills. It is for this reason that we gave them the opportunity to expose themselves within the sector by working with us.

Virtual Reality

After years of learning and developing, it is time to take the next step. CimaGamers wants video games´ players to visit, experiment and, most importantly, enjoy a new world!

A new world... inside Virtual Reality

Our mission

We were born with a goal. To create a world where the players can dream

Our values

Commitmen, pasion, innovation, social responsability, perseverance, flexibility and transparency

Our initiative

To develop gaming titles that will take players to new worlds and will make them feel new experiences


Ismael Guijarro

Producer & Founder

David De la torre

Game Designer & Founder


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Dev Blog 1

Hi everyone, this is the very beginning of the dev blog. We are going to write every week a post like that where we show


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We are an Indie video game studio located in Seville (Spain) that develops Virtual Reality IPs.

Av. de la República Argentina, 25, planta 9, 41011 Sevilla, España